Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wow..a leg in the brain of baby

INILAH.COM, Colorado - The World Medical dikejutkan back with strange events. Doctors in Colorado, United States, issued a new foot of a small newborn baby's brain was three days.

Pediatrics brain surgeon Dr. Paul Grabb extraordinarily surprised. When dissect the brain and Sam Esquibel, he found the foot piece with almost perfect form, complete with five fingers and feet that is almost other-shaped.

Not only that, he also get some parts of the body, like a piece of the hands and thigh. "As the birth of a baby, but the brain," Grabb said dilansir such as the Daily Mail, Thursday (18/12).

Medical procedures, the aim was to remove a small tumor in the brain Sam. Based on the record with a brain MRI, have officially declared brain tumor in Sam. However, physical, newborn baby pair Tiffnie Manuel Esquibel and this looks just OK.

"Finding the structure of the organ almost as this is a unique, peculiar, and never sounded anywhere," the supplement that doctors can not explain this phenomenon. However, he added, could be 'feet' in the brain that Sam really a form of congenital brain tumor.

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