Thursday, February 26, 2009

Best Beware Thy Stingray

A record-breaking stingray capture, by the numbers:

* 1 rod and line

* 90 minutes for one British biologist (with help) to reel in the freshwater fish

* 13 men to drag said fish onto a boat

* 125 pounds—that's the difference between the stingray's weight at 771 pounds and the previous record rod-&-reel capture of a catfish

The Thailand capture of the massive female stingray was part of a program to tag such Maeklong River residents. The captive, part of a "vulnerable species" listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, measured a hefty 7 feet by 7 feet. That doesn't include the 10-foot-long poisonous tail.

Such creatures are dangerous, of course: Famed Australian TV personality Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin died from a stingray barb at the Great Barrier Reef in 2006.

The numbers currently put one Ian Welch on the world record books. (Pictures of Welch posing with his female companion can be found here.) The stingray's resistance nearly dunked Welch into the river, and he was literally saved by the seat of his pants when a crewmate grabbed his trousers.

Another reason that this marine fish is so huge: She's pregnant. (Cue soap-opera gasp.) After she had been towed to the bank (too big to be onboard the boat), she was duly marked, had DNA samples removed, and returned to the river whence she unwillingly came. Welch gave her a farewell smooch, then spent the rest of the day with a cold beer and memories of her.

By the way, one number isn't known: the exact stingray population count, which has shrunk 20 percent in the past decade. With this lady's help, at least one more will be added to this number...and with a tale to tell.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sathya Sai Baba ,The Dajjal ???

One of the end of time
the last siphon enough attention is the presence of a
named Sathya Sai Baba, he was born and lived in the Village Nilayam Puthaparti,
eastern Khurasan, precisely
South India.

Allah's Messenger said to us, Dajjal will be out of the earth at the east called Khurasan (Jamiu at Tirmidzi).

Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet saw narrate. said:



“The ending day will not come until 30 Dajal (liars) appear, they all lie about Allah and His Messenger. “

Can be Sai Baba is
one of the 30-dajal small dajal that will pave the way for
the emergence of al-Masih al-Dajjal (Dajjal will be fought with
Imam Mahdi and killed by the prophets as Jesus).

wallahu al’am..

This man has the ability of the dead, heal the blind and paralyzed, and even able to rain down and remove the flour from his hands.
He was also able to walk across the hemisphere in a flash, create a statue of gold, the iron into gold, and more various defamation shown by Sai
Baba to the thousands of people - even - millions who come from different tribes and religions. Currently, this man already has tens of millions pursuivant ..

So is the time for every Muslim to know the problem, that itself does not become the next victim of this slander Sai Baba.

Dajjal is a man that fat, with red and blond curls…” (HR.Bukhari dan Muslim)

appear, Dajjal saying, I am the prophet, the prophet does not have
after. Then he praised him and said, I am the your Rabb
, when you can not see you Rabb before you're dead(HR.Ibnu Majah)


1) Dajjal a man who berpostur
short, gempal, frizzy blond, bandy-legged (rather pengkor). Sai
Baba berpostur a short blonde and frizzy.

2) Dajjal has a blind eye. Sai Baba had experienced blindness in the young and then recover again.

3) Dajjal come together and there are mountains
bread and river water. Sai Baba has a capability issue vibhuti
(holy meal) from the air through the hands.

4) have the ability to move Dajjal
from one place to another with such speed and depat
thunderstorm, or as soon as the cloud be blown gale. Sai Baba
have the ability to walk the earth in a matter of exploring the flicker

5) follow the cohort of Dajjal
very much, even at the end of time many people who later
fancy to meet the Dajjal. Sai Baba has pursuivant
the amount of tens of millions of people the various tribes, nations,
state and religion.

6) Dajjal will appear with the claim
as a wise / good, so many people interested
to follow. Sai Baba seabgai people confess that the wise
mission to bring peace, love eliminate all disputes

7) and the Dajjal will appear as a prophet. Sai Baba positioned himself as a prophet to the pengikut2nya.

Dajjal akang use the name Al-Masih. Sai Baba that will reincarnate as Al-Masih Isa after the year 2020.

9) Dajjal will confess as Lord. Sai Baba claims that his God is the ruler of the universe.

10) Dajjal will mendakwahkan religion
God. In many council darshanya Sai Baba spoke about the many
Islam, Al-Qur'an and the obligation to understand it.

11) Dajjal able to bring people
dead and heal the sick. Sai Baba has the ability
the dead heal the disease of cancer.

12) Dajjal can reduce rainfall. Sai
Baba has the ability and bring down the rain water to
irrigation (in the province are building the project in Sai Baba for irrigation in
the dry areas).

13) Dajjal can be issued
treasures (jewelry and property) from the collapsed building, and
treasury will then ratunya. Sai Baba is able to create
statue of gold, gold necklace, the gospel and the various forms of mini medalai
GOD berlafadz a glance.

14) Dajjal will kill someone and menghidupkannya again. Sai Baba can bring people who have died.

15) Dajjal can move and sport
place from one form to another form. Sai Baba can move from
Jasad Jasad one to the other is the reincarnation benruk himself.

16) Dajjal can raise the body.
Sai Baba memliki ability to walk in the air and make kemukjizatan
sebuh on the aircraft.

17) Dajjal normal market entry and exit
food. Sai Baba also ordinary people who eat and drink as
other men, he also can walk to markets, hospitals, the project
irrigation and other places visited by the ordinary man.

18. Dajjal can be ordered to remove the earth and water tumbuh2an. Sai baba can remove the water with hentakan feet.

19) Dajjal not memliki children. Sai Baba barren, it does not have children and not him (not married).

20) Dajjal lead the Jewish people. Sai Baba has a mission to spread zionis theology.

21) Dajjal appear in the era of controversy.
Sai Baba claims that he came from a lot of time and resolve
dispute, and his arrival to uphold the truth and
destroy evil

O Muslims, what more we wait, let us return immediately to God and rasulnya.

"If any
one of you have finished reading tasyahhud finally,
let him ask God's protection to four things. "

He should say:

‘Ya Allah,
seeking refuge in You from the punishment Hell Jahannam, adzab grave,
slander (trial) live and die from the malignancy and Dajjal's slander.”



Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Natural Explanation Found for UFOs

Mysterious UFO sightings may go hand in hand with a puzzling natural phenomenon known as sprites — flashes high in the atmosphere triggered by thunderstorms.

The dancing lights have appeared above most thunderstorms throughout history, but researchers did not start studying them until one accidentally recorded a sighting on camera in 1989.

"Lightning from the thunderstorm excites the electric field above, producing a flash of light called a sprite," said Colin Price, a geophysicist at Tel Aviv University in Israel. "We now understand that only a specific type of lightning is the trigger that initiates sprites aloft."

Researchers have detected the flashes between 35 and 80 miles (56-129 km) from the ground, far above the 7 to 10 miles (11-16 km) where usual lightning occurs. Sprites can take the form of fast-paced balls of electricity, although previous footage has suggested streaks or tendrils.

The cause or function of the flashes remains murky, but Price suggested that they could explain some of the UFO reports which have cropped up over the years. That might provide some solace for UFO enthusiasts disappointed by human-caused hoaxes in the past.

Both jetliner pilots and astronauts have previously reported sightings of sprites, along with a different but equally mysterious phenomenon known as blue jets.

Price and his colleagues have focused on "winter sprites" which appear only in the northern hemisphere's winter months. Their remote-controlled roof-mounted cameras can spot thunderstorms producing sprites far out over the Mediterranean Sea.

Triangulation techniques have also allowed the researchers to calculate the dimensions of the sprites.

"The candles in the sprites are up to 15 miles high, with the cluster of candles 45 miles wide — it looks like a huge birthday celebration!" Price said.

Sprites may have some effect on the Earth's ozone layer, but researchers suspect that the global impact is small. offers rich and compelling content about space science, travel and exploration as well as astronomy, technology, business news and more. The site boasts a variety of popular features including our space image of the day and other space pictures,space videos, Top 10s, Trivia, podcasts and Amazing Images submitted by our users. Join our community, sign up for our free newsletters and register for our RSS Feeds today!


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